A university student in Southwest China is hacking his way into one woman’s heart.


  As students at Yunnan University in Kunming sat through powerpoint lectures, a surprise error message popped up on screens throughout the school’s Wenyuan building.


  "My lady likes excitement," began the message. "She hoped I could show my love like this."


  But the hacker, who remains unidentified, used most of the text to apologize.


  "I know this is taking up class time, because the whole building is [seeing this]. Sorry about that. Just restart the computer and it’ll be back to normal. My fault, I’m not that good [at hacking] yet," read the message, signed, "world’s most apologetic hacker."


  Some students said the electric Romeo’s timing could have been better. "It happened the day leaders came to our school to conduct teacher evaluations," said one student.